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The Mystery of the Mangled Icing Contest!
May 6, 2016


It’s 8:00 AM on April 16th, 1831 and Lady Philipa’s Aunt Kiera is getting married in one hour! But Mummy and Cook are furious that someone stole a taste of the icing on the bride’s cake, ruining part of the decorations on the wedding treat. Her new Uncle Gage and Aunt Kiera are crack investigators, but they’re busy getting ready for their big day. That leaves Philipa to track down the culprit. Maybe if she can solve this mystery it will make up for the previous day’s mischief, and earn her way back into Mummy’s good graces.

Help precocious 6-year-old Philipa catch the icing thief, and you could win a $25 bookstore gift card. Follow along as she gathers clues to unmask the swindling sweet tooth, and when you think you know the answer, comment in Philipa’s journal, or send her a message. I’ll be posting clues on my Facebook page from May 4th-16th, and sharing them in my newsletter.  One winner will be selected randomly from all those who have posted the correct answer. Deadline is May 16th, 2016 at 11pm EDT, just in time for release day. And be sure to preorder your copy of A PRESSING ENGAGEMENT, a very special Lady Darby novella, releasing May 17th, and find out just what mischief Philipa has gotten into, and what other mishaps have befallen Kiera and Gage as they make their way to the altar. PLUS a sneak peek at Book 5, AS DEATH DRAWS NEAR, releasing July 5th

Now, on to the suspects:



































Posted May 4th:

Clue 1: While the nursery maids are distracted by her little sister, who is refusing to wear a bow in her hair, Lady Philipa sneaks down to the dining room. She dodges under the tablecloth as Figgins enters from the butler’s pantry and sets a dish on the table. Once his footsteps disappear down the hall, she scrambles out and edges around to the back side of the table holding the cake. She can see the lines and divots where someone used their finger to pilfer icing. The marks are definitely adult-sized, ruling out at least one suspect.


Posted May 6th:

Clue 2: Lady Philipa hears voices returning to the dining room, and scurries back under the table to hide. She nibbles her fingernails, wondering how long Figgins and the footman will stay, and whether she should try to sneak out while they’re preoccupied. Until she hears the butler mention the damage to the cake, and how it must have happened after he went to bed after midnight and before Cook returned the kitchen around 6am, where the cake was stored overnight. It appears Cook was also cross because someone made a mess while warming themselves a cup of milk. Moving toward the windows, Figgins tsks and tells the footman to go out front and clear the steps and pavement. The ferocious storm the night before has strewn leaves and branches everywhere. While Figgins is distracted, Philipa darts out of the room after the footman and up the stairs to the nursery.


Posted May 9th:

Clue 3: Unfortunately, Lady Philipa’s flight to the nursery does not go unnoticed. She whips around the newel post on the second floor only to be confronted by Bree, her Aunt Kiera’s maid. Bree plants her hands on her hips in scolding, but Philipa can see that her eyes are twinkling.

“Noo, just where ’ve you been?”

Philipa doesn’t answer, unsure how to reply without lying.

But somehow Bree seems to already know. “Inspectin’ the cake?”

Her eyes widen. “How did you know?”

“Lucky guess. Have ye found the icing thief then?”

She shakes her head. “Not yet.”

“Well, I can tell ye there were still several people up and aboot belowstairs after I settled yer auntie for the night. So ‘twill have happened late.”

Philipa bobs her head. “Thank you.”

Bree glances about. “Noo, on wi’ ye. Afore yer Mam catches ye.”

Not having to be told twice, Philipa races up the last set of stairs.


Posted May 11th:

Clue 4: Lady Philipa plays quietly on her bed with her doll, listening as Mummy helps Malcolm dress for the wedding. Mummy is scolding him because there’s already a stain on his cravat and scuffs on his shoes. While combing his hair, she asks if he snuck downstairs the previous night to taste the cake. Malcolm tells her he didn’t, but Philipa is more interested in the fact that her Mummy asked him in the first place. She decides to cross another suspect off her list. Mummy would never be so mean as to accuse Malcolm if she’d actually done it herself.


Posted May 13th: 

Clue 5: Mummy tells the nursery maids to bring Lady Philipa and her other siblings down to the parlor in a quarter of an hour to wait. Then she gathers up baby Jamie and takes him with her. Watching her leave, the second nursery maid, Callie, remarks to Molly that she was gone from the nursery a rather long time in the middle of the night.  Molly scowls and gripes that she had to take wee Jamie down to her ladyship to nurse, and when she was returning, the bairn spit up all over her. After she cleaned up Jamie, she had to take his gown and her dressing gown down to the laundry and set it to soak. Callie teases her by asking if she perhaps stopped by the kitchen for a snack. Glaring at her, Molly snaps back that she did not. Someone was already there. She could hear the two men talking.


Posted May 16th:

Final Clue (#6):  The nursery maids herd Lady Philipa and her siblings down to the parlor, collecting Jamie from their mother as they pass her room. Upon entering, they find that Daddy is already there, along with their new Uncle Gage, who Philipa thinks looks quite dashing. Though not as handsome as her father. She and Greer rush to Daddy to hug him, and he winces as they fling their arms around his waist. “Careful, lasses. Daddy is happy to see you, too. But he has a bit of a bellyache.”

Uncle Gage grins. “And a headache, too, I’d wager. How late were you and Trevor up?”

“Too late,” Daddy replies. “Though Trevor outlasted me. Said he never sleeps well the night after he travels.”


Posted May 17th:

Lady Philipa doesn’t have to wait long for Uncle Trevor to join them. She watches him as he greets Daddy and Uncle Gage and then moves back toward the door to peer through the crack at the guests as they are escorted into the drawing room next door. Crossing over to stand next to him, she waits for him to notice her.

“Oh, hello, Philipa.” He grins. “My, you’re becoming quite the little lady, aren’t you?”

“Thank you.”

He glances distractedly back toward the door. “Do you know what time I’m supposed to collect your aunt from upstairs?”

“Mummy will tell you.”

He laughs. “Yes. Yes, you’re right. I’m sure your mother has everything well in hand.”

“Uncle Trevor?”


Philipa arches up on tiptoe and lowers her voice to a whisper. “I know you’re the one who stole the icing.”

His eyes drop to meet hers in surprise, and then a smile crooks his lips. “Do you? Well, are you going to tattle?”

“Not if you tell Mummy and Aunt Kiera yourself.” She nods. “It’s the right thing to do.”

He offers her his hand. “Agreed. But let’s wait until after the ceremony, shall we. I don’t think either of them is thinking about that at this moment.”

Her eyes follow his gaze toward the steps, where Philipa can see the hem of Aunt Kiera’s beautiful gown through the banister at the top of the staircase.

“It’s time,” Uncle Trevor tells the others.

Philipa’s heart jumps in excitement, and she hurries to join her brothers and sister, who are standing with the nursery maids. Along the way, she spies Earl Grey, Aunt Kiera’s cat watching them all, and scoops him up. Surely, he wants to watch the wedding, too.


Sweepstakes Rules:
• Giveaway ends on 5/16/2016 at 11:00pm ET.
• Entrants must be 18 years old or older to win.
• Winners will be chosen at random from all entrants. Chances of winning may vary based on the number of entries received. Winner selection is at the sole discretion of Anna Lee Huber. All decisions are final.
• Winners will be notified on this website, the author's Facebook page, and via Facebook message or email. Winners have 7 days from the date and time the notification message was sent to respond or else the prize will be forfeit and a new winner will be chosen.
• Author is not responsible for mistyped or misrepresented mailing address, SPAM filers, computer glitches, and other internet difficulties when receiving entry or delivery winner notification.
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