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Getting Silly...
September 11, 2014

Got a little silly doing the writing prompt during Writing Group this evening, so just for fun I thought I'd share it with you here. Unedited, for your enjoyment. Happy Friday, everyone!

Prompt: You wake from a sound sleep to find your window is open, but you distinctly remember it being closed when you went to bed. What happens next?
The curtains. They were billowing. Like the sheer drapes hung from a bed canopy in a music video. The words from one of Celine Dion’s songs began to float through my mind as I closed my eyes. “It’s all coming back to me now…”
My eyes flew open. This wasn’t a dream. The curtains were billowing because the window was open, and I never opened my windows. Okay, rarely. Like twice a year during spring cleaning and a random autumn day. But rather than smelling of fresh air the house would end up smelling of dust from the window sill and screen.
However, it was July, muggy and hot, and I definitely hadn’t opened the windows yesterday.
My eyes darted around the room, straining in my sockets as I tried to see as far as I could without moving my head. What if someone was in here? What would they do if they knew I was awake?
I tried to make my breathing even and shallow, mimicking sleep, but my heart raced in my chest like the twin turbo prop plane I’d flown two days before.
I pressed my hand into the memory foam mattress and worked up the courage to push myself upright. Suddenly something flew at me and I rolled onto my back, shielding my face with my hands.

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