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A Study In Death - By Anna Lee Huber
A Study in Death
Lady Darby Book 4

Scotland, 1831. After a tumultuous courtship complicated by three deadly inquiries, Lady Kiera Darby is thrilled to have found both an investigative partner and a fiance in Sebastian Gage. But with her well-meaning-and very pregnant-sister planning on making their wedding the event of the season, Kiera could use a respite from the impending madness.

Commissioned to paint the portrait of Lady Drummond, Kiera is saddened when she recognizes the pain in the baroness's eyes. Lord Drummond is a brute, and his brusque treatment of his wife forces Kiera to think of the torment caused by her own late husband.

Kiera isn't sure how to help, but when she finds Lady Drummond prostrate on the floor, things take a fatal turn. The physician called to the house and Lord Drummond appear satisfied to rule her death natural, but Kiera is convinced that poison is the real culprit.

Now, armed only with her knowledge of the macabre and her convictions, Kiera intends to discover the truth behind the baroness's death-no matter what, or who, stands in her way...

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I was honored to be interviewed for my local PBS station's Arts IN Focus program on Sep 23rd. 

I'm happy to share that AS DEATH DRAWS NEAR, Lady Darby Book 5 will be also be available in audiobook next summer.

I'm pleased to announce that A STUDY IN DEATH will be released as an audiobook on September 15th. 

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